You have questions? We have answers!

Learn all about our dog boarding and dog walking in Upper West Side Manhattan. You can also read some reviews here.

General Questions

What Services Does 3DK Offer?

Three Dog Knight offers a variety of services that are customizable.

  • Dog Walking
  • Daycare
  • Boarding
What Neighborhoods Do You Service?

Upper West Side of Manhattan (W. 59th to W. 110th.) However, if boarding, there are no neighborhood restrictions.
Is there Insurance? How about Bonding?

Yes. We are Fully Insured and Bonded by Landmark and Travelers Insurance.
What Are Our Business Hours?

  • Our regular hours are 8AM – 9PM. After 9PM, rates double.
  • 365 days a Year – 24 hrs. a day
Are There After-Hours?

Yes. We Never Close. Rates double after 9PM.
Do I Need to Leave a Deposit?

No deposit, ever!
How About Holidays and Weekends?

We are always here for you and your doggies. ALWAYS.
Are There Discounts Available?

Please see our Rates page for discount information.
Where Do I Sign Up?

Fill out the form on our contact page!


Do I have to pay you for a minimum number of walks per week?

We give you complete freedom of choice. There are no minimums, no extra charges, etc. This means you can request a walk twice a day, once a week, or once in a lifetime. It’s entirely up to you.
Will It Be The Same Walker Every Time?

Every dog has its own main woman (or man) plus another one, in case the main person is sick, is on vacation etc.
How Many Dogs Does My Dog Walk With At One Time?

There is NO PACK WALKING! No more than 3 dogs at a time and only if they are compatible. We offer one-on-one walking for a small additional fee.
How Long Are Dog Walks?

30 or 60 minutes.
Are Solo Walks Available?

Yes. For an extra $10 fee.
What if It Rains or Snows? We Do Live in NY You Know!

We come with multi-weather gear including waterproof boots, umbrellas, etc., but ultimately it is up to you.

If your dog is not a fan or the rain or snow we can take them out for a quick relief walk around the block and spend the rest of the time playing at home.

Can you handle last minute changes, like an additional walk or even a sudden cancellation?

We can usually handle last-minute walks. To be absolutely sure, though, it’s best to reserve in advance. We understand that situations arise that can’t be anticipated, but to avoid a walking charge, please let us know about a cancellation by midnight of the day before your dog scheduled to walk.


What Should I Bring For My Dog When They Have A Sleep Over?

Enough food and any necessary medications.
Can My Brother/Sister Stay With Me Overnight?

Absolutely! And you get a 33.3% discount if they do.
How Often Will I Get Walked If I Sleep Over?

Four walks per day. One for 45-60 min. and the other three are 20-30 min.
Are Vaccinations Required?

Yes. Per NY Law all dogs must be vaccinated.
Do I Need to be Neutered or Spayed?

All adults must be neutered or spayed with the exception of unspayed females who are not in heat.
Is There An Additional Cost to Administer Medications?


Three Dog Knight is the gold standard when it comes to taking care of your furry companion. We design, manufacture, and distribute peace of mind.