Benefits of Dog Boarding in Upper West Side Manhattan

June 23, 2020 by NuStream

If you’re going away for a few days, you may need to leave your dog behind. Some places just won’t let you bring along your pet (hospitals, certain hotels and resorts, business trips, etc.). When you’re searching for somewhere for your dog to stay, you need to find someone that you can count on. You’re not going to enjoy your time away if you spend the whole time worrying about your pet. That’s why it’s best to find a professional source of dog boarding in Upper West Side Manhattan. Here are some common benefits of boarding your pet.

Dog supervision

Close Supervision

Dog boarding is when you take your canine out of your home and leave them at a professional facility. Sometimes they’re referred to as dog hotels, pet resorts, or boarding kennels. When you go with a caring dog boarding service, you know someone will be there to look after your pet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From the minute you drop your dog off until you come back for their pickup, your pet will have a great experience. They’ll receive constant supervision from a staff of trained professionals.

Pet Safety

Whether your dog could use a walk or some food and water — a boarder can make sure that your dog has everything that he or she needs. This can help prevent injuries and any feelings of anxiety or threat from your dog. Additionally, a dog care professional will have the proper accommodations all set up for your four-legged friend. So, you won’t have to lug along a dog bed, a water bowl, toys, food, and a leash.

Dog nutrition

Proper Nutrition

Your best friend may be willing to look after your dog, but they don’t have much experience as a pet caregiver. Meanwhile, a professional has loads of experience looking after pets. They’ll know when your dog needs to be fed, given water, and taken for a walk. If your dog has any health concerns or special dietary issues, you can discuss that with the dog boarder ahead of time. This way, they can be properly prepared for your pet and provide special food for them. As trained professionals, they’ll also be able to administer medications properly.

Injury Prevention

In order to stay at a dog hotel, your pet will have to be up to date on all of their vaccinations. When pets are properly vaccinated, there is a lower chance of any issues involving personal injuries for the dog or for the staff members at the dog care facility.

Social Stimulation

There are times that pet sitters won’t give your dog enough attention to keep them stimulated. It’s better to go with a boarder that will probably have a couple more dogs or a playgroup there to socialize with. This is especially helpful for young pups that are just developing their social skills. They can learn what it’s like to get out of the house and spend time in new surroundings with new people and pets. Plus, a boarder can make sure your pet has plenty of time for playing and exercising.

Dog activity

Physical Activity

According to DogTime, a dog usually needs 30 to 60 minutes of physical activity each day. Therefore, most dogs need to get out for a walk at least a couple times a day to use up their excess energy. If not, it can lead to obesity and a number of other serious health issues. Depending on how far up in age your dog is, the walks they take may just be on the shorter side. Furthermore, a boarder might have a nice yard for your dog to run around in. Or, they could be in close proximity to a beautiful park.

Dog attention

Extra Care & Attention

You could have your dog stay with a friend, family member, or neighbor. But they have their own lives to live. A professional caregiver will be there to make sure your dog receives plenty of attention, care, love, and exercise. Each dog is different and has their own individual needs. A pet care service will be well aware of this fact.

Staying Within Your Budget

There are pet sitters who will make you pay for each individual visit. Even after just a few days, that can add up pretty quickly. On the other hand, boarding services usually offer a fixed rate. If you have a fixed budget, an affordable dog boarding service may be exactly what you need.

Keeping Your Home Secure

A lot of dog sitters will come to your home. So, you’re not only trusting a stranger with your four-legged friend. You’re also trusting them with your home and all your belongings. There’s no need for a boarding service to go anywhere near your home. Since you are taking your dog right to them.

Your Own Peace of Mind

Aside from all the terrific benefits for your dog, leaving him or her with an expert will help you rest easy and enjoy yourself. If you’re going on a last-minute trip, you don’t want to have to scramble to find a dog sitter. It’s better to have a professional there for you in your local area. Once your dog stays with a boarder a few times, they’ll feel right at home. You may even be able to visit the facility with your dog prior to their stay. This way, you’ll know that your pet will feel comfortable in this environment.

A boarding service is perfect when you’re going away for the night. It could also be helpful when you have an event going on that may stress your dog out. This could be a dinner party with a few friends, a kids’ sleepover party, or a big picnic with fireworks. Anytime you need a dependable source for dog boarding on the Upper West Side in Manhattan, get in touch with Three Dog Knight. We’re here for you any time you need us — 365 days a year. Our dedicated team designs, manufactures, and distributes peace of mind for dog owners.