Who is Three Dog Knight?

Adi Molad, who runs 3DK, used to be a volunteer dog-walker and a foster home for abandoned, injured and stray dogs for the New York chapter of the ASPCA.

After seeing with his own eyes so many abused, abandoned, sick and wounded dogs, Adi decided to start a business where he could make a difference in something that mattered to him.

Adi’s goal was to start a business that would make a difference, and that’s precisely what he has accomplished. As a dog care professional in Upper West Side Manhattan, Adi treats your dog as a part of the family. He provides the best care possible to your dog and you. For Adi, this is not just a job… caring for animals is his passion.

This is also why he gives a 20% discount in the first six months, of the walking rates, to everyone whose dog was adopted from a shelter or pet rescue organization.

Why Choose Three Dog Knight?

Time, there never seems to be enough of it. The last thing a dog mom or dad wants to worry about is their best friend at home. Our all-female staff understands that owning a dog is a full-time responsibility and will give you the peace of mind you need and fill in any gaps with quality care for your family member. Day or knight, we are always available. If you’re wondering, “Who walks dogs near me?” we can help.

Adi Molad, who runs 3DK, is insured and bonded with over 21 years of experience. His involvement with the New York chapter of the ASPCA sets him apart from any ordinary dog walker. He is trained to care for special needs dogs, administer medications, and prepare any special food preparation. Always prompt and always reliable, Adi can give you the peace of mind you & your dog have been looking for. To learn more about 3DK and our New York City local dog services, check out our FAQ page.

Three Dog Knight is the gold standard when it comes to taking care of your furry companion. We design, manufacture, and distribute peace of mind.